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Welcome to our Speech and Hearing Clinic Listen2Talk! Your journey to improved communication starts here. Reach out to us for expert care and personalized solutions. We’re here to listen.

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Saumya Awasthi
Saumya Awasthi
Very good institute. Mam ka nature baccho ke liye bilkul motherly hai. Mere bete mein bahut bada improvement unki wjh se ho paaya. Thank you mam
Deepti Priya
Deepti Priya
It was a wonderful experience to working with Sulekha Ma'am. She is very polite and we'll acquainted dealing Speech and Hearing related disorders. Very much approachable and flexible . Must visit clinic for Speech and Hearing Deficits.
Vikash kumar
Vikash kumar
Highly recommend!"Mrs. Sulekha is truly a wonderful human being who treated clients like family. Her assessments and judgements were spot on and ALL her recommendations to help clients become more communicative worked like magic! She's 100% invested in helping all her clients and it shows in every session. I feel lucky we found Listen 2 Talk Speech Therapy Services and would definitely recommend them. "
Priya Mishra
Priya Mishra
Mam is really a very humble person and professional as well . I had a really nice experience there .It is helpful as well. I loved it .
priyam mishra
priyam mishra
Sulekha ma'am is that one person who made me listen the most beautiful word..'Mummy'. My son was 3yrs when we came in contact with her. I still remember he couldn't speak a word at that time. The journey wasn't easy but with her continues hardwork and guidance thanks to her I have a chatter box at home now. My son's understanding grew with every sitting.... I thank Sulekha ma'am from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for holding my son in his very tough journey, from word to words and from words to sentences....... Thanks ma'am
Mam is very kind and hardworking..your sheer dedication and efforts are shaping my kid in a very optimistic way. He learnt many new things and your guidance made me undestand how i can help my kid grow. At the centre atmosphere is very comforting and friendly.Thanks a lot mam 🙏🙏 for your support and guidance.. jitna bhi kahe thanks mam bahut kam haiI would highly recommend to all parentsWish you good luck mam in all your future endeavors...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you specify the childhood disorders you address?

We address a range of childhood disorders, including autism, ADHD, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, specific language impairment, learning disabilities, and more.

What is Auditory Verbal Therapy, and who is it for?

Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) is designed for children with cochlear implants, focusing on developing listening and spoken language skills.

Is the therapy personalized for each individual?

Absolutely! Listen2Talk takes pride in providing personalized therapy plans, ensuring that each individual’s unique needs are addressed for optimal results.

Can you explain the Auditory Training services for children with hearing impairment?

Auditory Training (AT) is designed to enhance auditory processing skills in children with hearing impairment, contributing to improved communication abilities.

How does Listen2Talk address stuttering issues?

We provide therapy for various stuttering conditions, including neurogenic stuttering and cluttering, ensuring personalized strategies for effective improvement.

What types of hearing aids do you offer?

We offer a variety of hearing aids, including Behind-the-Ear (BTE), Receiver in the Canal (RIC/RITE), Body Worn Aids, Completely in the Canal (CIC), In the Ear/In the Canal (ITE/ITC), and Invisible in the Canal (IIC).

How do BTE hearing aids work?

BTE hearing aids rest behind the ear with a tube connecting to a custom earpiece in the ear canal, making them suitable for all ages and various types of hearing loss.

What is the advantage of RIC/RITE hearing aids?

RIC/RITE hearing aids are similar to BTE but have the speaker or receiver in the canal, offering a discreet yet effective hearing solution.

Are Body Worn Aids still commonly used?

Body Worn Aids, once used for profound hearing loss, have been largely replaced by more modern and discreet BTE options.

How small and discreet are CIC hearing aids?

Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids are made to fit inside the ear canal, making them the smallest and least visible type.

What is Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)?

PTA is a comprehensive test to assess the degree and types of hearing loss, identify the location of problems, and rule out ear pathology through a fully automatic and computerized process.

Why is Brainstem Evoked Response Potential (BERA) conducted?

BERA is conducted to determine the site of the lesion and is performed using a fully automatic and computerized approach for accurate results.

What does Speech Audiometry involve?

Speech Audiometry includes tests such as Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT), Speech Detection Threshold (SDT), Speech Discrimination Score (SDS), Most Comfortable Level (MCL), and Uncomfortable Level (UCL).

What is the purpose of Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE)?

OAE is used for hearing screening and to rule out hearing loss in newborns, providing an effective diagnostic tool for early detection.

Why is Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) important for hearing aid fitting?

ASSR is an objective test for threshold estimation and is crucial for hearing aid fitting in both children and adults, conducted with a fully automatic and computerized approach for precision.